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Michael Graziano is a retired Detective who worked at the Suffolk County Police Department. Michael Graziano worked with the Suffolk County Police Department for 25 years. Michael began his career as a Patrol Officer. Due to his extensive computer and programming skills, along with his ability to implement these skills to his police work, he was promoted to work in the department's C.O.P.E Unit and then the department's I.T. Section. During his work in these units, he was responsible for creating programs that tracked gang members, stolen items, and patrol checks. Michael had been awarded several department recognitions for his arrests resulting from his police investigations. Michael was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Computer Crime Unit. During his almost 12 years in the Computer Crimes Unit, Michael was responsible for forensic analysis of digital evidence, including computers, mobile devices, DVRs, and other digital media, in such investigations as homicide, narcotics, white color crimes, and child exploitation. Michael was responsible for starting up and heading forensics investigations in the Megan's Law task force. Michael had been awarded several recognitions for his hard work in child exploitation cases that resulted in protecting children from sexual exploitation. Michael finished his last year with the Suffolk County Police Department as a Detective in Criminal Intel, where he was responsible for forensic investigations involving homeland security and gang investigations.

Michael is the co-owner, with his wife, of Executive Digital Group. Executive Digital Group offers services that include Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity along with I.T. Technology strategies and support.

Michael Graziano and his wife have been married for 15 years and have three children. Besides spending time with his family, he enjoys martial arts, animal rescue, and working with special needs children.

Digital Investigations and The Benefit Of A Forensic Examiner

  • Nature of Digital investigations and overview of computer equipment.

  • Sources of electronic data and evidence.

  • Considerations in digital investigations and forensics

  • Understanding what a forensic examiner can do for you.

  • I have taught Police Officers, Detectives, and County Attorneys within the Suffolk County Police Department and outlining agencies in digital evidence gathering and handling. With my investigative and court experience, I can help private investigators get a better understanding of digital evidence and how, with the right forensic examiner, this evidence can help better support their cases. I will speak about real-world issues, digital evidence collection and some of the pitfalls that may arise.

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