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Computer Forensics & E-Discovery

Executive Digital Group has investigated cases including:

  • White-collar crimes

  • Fraud and security breaches

  • Security and espionage

  • Theft of intellectual property

  • Corporate scandals

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Hacking

  • Mobile forensics

  • Automobile forensics

Commercial organizations have used computer forensics to help with cases, including:  Intellectual Property theftEmployment disputes, Invoice fraud, often enabled by phishing emails, Forgeries, Computer use in the workplace and Regulatory compliance

Typing on a Computer

As part of our services, we can assist you in fact-finding as well as analyzing and interpreting electronic findings. As a trusted, objective party, we help our clients through the critical decision-making process, so they are well informed to determine final actions.

Our services include:

  • Incident Response Management

  • Cyber and Data Breach Response

  • Ransomware investigations

  • Risk Assessment

  • Computer Forensics Services

  • Penetration Testing

  • Data Theft

  • Workplace Due Diligence

  • Cloud Security  

  • Threat Hunting

  • Phishing Attack Simulation

  • Proactive Security

  • Training, Policy Development

  • Incident Response

  • E-Discovery

  • Mobile Forensics

Digital / Computer Forensics & Investigations

Laptop computer with magnifying glass, c

In some cases, digital evidence may be the only evidence. Most companies and their employees conduct their business online or electronically. Thus, an organization that retains a computer forensics team will undoubtedly gain an advantage in court. In other words, you need a hight trained and certified expert.

Executive Digital Group has experience in all areas of digital forensics, from the most complex to extremely sensitive. 

We work in matters of:

  Employment issues 
  Intellectual property theft 
  Internal investigations
  Employment and labor matters
  Civil law
  Human resources

A forensics investigation conducted by Executive Digital Group is an all-inclusive approach, which starts at protocols and interviews, digital evidence collection and preservation, and recovery of missing or deleted data. It continues with analysis and hosting, and culminates in preparing reports and testifying in court. 

We do not stop there if you need us.

Our consultants are certified private investigators, experts in computer forensics, and professionals who have worked in government agencies.


Cyber Security & Penetration Testing

Computer Programming

Protect Your Investment with Cyber Security & Penetration Testing

The biggest threats to sensitive information come from a variety of sources, including company insiders, misconfigurations, missing security updates, malware, and software security issues. With years of experience mitigating such threats, Executive Digital Group knows how deeply a company can suffer when an intruder or internal threat exploits their network and computer vulnerabilities.

Your data is too valuable to risk.

Proactive Security and Development 
for companies seeking more robust security in their current network, our team members perform a thorough, top-down assessment to create a unique security profile.


We then: 

  • Perform penetration testing

  • Emulate attackers to test your system’s vulnerabilities

  • Address those points of risk

  • Phishing Attack Simulation


Our technological expertise incorporates knowledge of regulatory compliance in every solution.

Mobile Forensics

Components Inside of Mobile Phone

What digital forensics artifacts can be discovered during a mobile forensics examination?

•    Incoming, outgoing, missed call history
•    Phone book or contact lists
•    SMS text, application-based, and multimedia messaging content
•    Pictures, videos, audio files, and sometimes voicemail messages
•    Internet browsing history, content, cookies, search history, analytics information
•    To-do lists, notes, calendar entries, ringtones
•    Documents, spreadsheets, presentation files, and other user-created data
•    Passwords, passcodes, swipe codes, user account credentials
•    Historical geolocation data, cell phone location data, Wi-Fi connection information
•    User dictionary content
•    Data from installed apps
•    System files, usage logs
•    Deleted data


Mobile forensics is the service through which examiners extract and evaluate the data stored within a mobile device.


Modern smartphones contain a plethora of information that could potentially be of evidentiary value

Video Forensics & Enhancement

computer keyboard

Cameras are all around and capturing video all the time, thanks to surveillance video, smartphones, dashboard cameras, and more. Video recordings are unbiased witnesses, collecting a wealth of evidence. But they do not always tell a clear story. Technical issues, odd angles, motion blur, and more can obscure vital details. This is where Executive Digital Group comes in. We have the tools and expertise to clarify and enhance the aspects of photographic and video evidence.

What we can help to do.

  •  We can determine whether a photo or video has been altered.

  •  Our digital forensics examiner can determine whether a video is original or a copy.

  •  We can examine videos frame-by-frame, looking for clues that could assist in an investigation.


A forensics analyst can examine video format, coding parameters, file structure, metadata such as time and date stamps and more to see if the video depicts something real, or something phony.

In many instances, we can identify the source device used to record a specific image or video.


hand holding mouse

E-discovery is a very important part of litigation, due to the large amount of Electronically Stored Information stored on most modern devices.


Our certified examiners use the latest computer forensics tools to handle the technical and strategic challenges presented by electronic discovery needs. 

Do not lose crucial evidence; consult with us to uncover every location where potential evidence on a computer device can be stored.

Executive Digital Group offers: 

  • Expert consulting on best practices

  • Cost-efficient handling of digital evidence

  • Quality acquisition of data and processing

  • Fast turnaround times

  • Detailed, professional forensic reports admissible in court


A forensic computer examination can reveal more than expected.

Forensic examiners are not only interested in the content of emails, documents, and other files, but also in the metadata associated with those files. Records of a user's actions may also be stored in log files and other applications on a computer, such as internet browsers.


So a computer forensic examination might reveal when a document first appeared on a computer, when it was last edited, when it was last saved or printed and which user carried out these actions.

Incident Response 

Business, Technology, Internet and netwo

Executive Digital Group removes all uncertainty when responding to a cyber breach or attack.


We provide a highly skilled team of technology professionals to respond, investigate, communicate, preserve and remediate your cyber breach.

Tabletop Exercises
Leverage our tabletop exercises designed to practice and improve your organization's ability to respond to real-world incidents.


We will assess, validate, and improve existing incident response plans, or help you going forward with your business.


Not only are we by your side during a cyber incident, we audit and prepare your organization on an ongoing basis.

OSINT Monitoring and Analysis

Concept of digital diagram,graph interfaces,virtual screen,connections icon.Young finance

Executive Digital Group provides protective cybersecurity and online intelligence with prioritized and specific findings derived from monitoring and analyzing the dark web, open source, and social media platforms.


Our online monitoring and analysis allow Executive Digital Group to provide recommendations that identify threats, disrupt attacks, stop adversaries and remediate risks for our clients.

Our service utilizes a broad coverage of thousands of platform pages and access to closed forums that are examined and then analyzed to assist in providing intelligence that can help out clients make the best decisions regarding their investigation and needs.

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