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Digital Forensics

Common Mobile and Computer Forensic Questions and Answers.

  • How long does it take to collect data from a cellular phone?
    Typically about 3 hours from start to finish. Time can greatly depend on the memory inside the phone.
  • How long does it take to collect data from a laptop or desktop computer?
    Time dramatically depends on the size and amount of drives, types of drives, and how we connect to the computer device to acquire the forensic image of the drive. We recommend allowing us at least have a day (4)hours to a full day (8) hours, to complete a collection on a drive.
  • Why can't I just make a copy myself?
    Technically you most likely could. However, can you stand behind what you did if you were challenged in court? Was your image an actual forensic image where you could recover and testify to metadata and deleted artifacts? Can you verify your collection process and procedure? There are many "things" that come into play when performing a forensic analysis.
  • What if I do not know the passcode to the phone? Can data still be accessed?
    Once we verify you are the rightful owner of the equipment, we can technically can "crack" the passcode on specific phone models. However, we cannot guarantee this for all makes and models of phones.
  • The hard drive is encrypted, can you still get data from the drive?"
    This depends on the level of encryption. Full disk encryption such as Macintosh FileVault requires a decryption key or password. Other file or folder level decryption is typically able to be defeated.
  • Can you look at my spouse's devices?
    This is a question best answered by your attorney. We work with clients and their attorneys to provide a profession and legal analysis.
  • I have the username & password for my spouses email or device, can we "go in"?"
    Technically we can recover email and computer information. However, the question is whether you have the legal right to access the information. We recommend that you contact an attorney for this answer, and we will be happy to work under the legal guidance of your lawyer.
  • My computer is damaged. Can data still be recovered?
    This depends on the level of damage to the computer and hard drive. Under most circumstances, we can recover data from the drive and even have the drive. If the hard drive is destroyed, there is no way to fully recover the data from it.
  • My phone is damaged. Can the contents still be recovered?
    This depends on the level of damage to the phone. On many occasions, we have been able to recover data from broken and damaged phones, even phones that have been submerged in water and melted in fires.
  • Are there any guarantees that you will find the data I am looking for?
    We cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover the exact data that you are looking for. There is no way for us to determine before the examination of the forensic image what data will reside on the drive or in memory.

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